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This will change many people's lives...!

Michael 22 started this conversation

I'm just a regular man who was born in March of 1977 and I need a little help.

I have a lot of ambition and I work very hard when I have the opportunity to do so.  It's just that I have been stuck in this little, hill-billy town for the past 3 years and I cannot find any kind of gainful employment at all.

It's not that I haven't looked either because I have been to every single store or business in this small town with no success.

So therefore, I plan to start my own business Web site where I can work from my apartment on my home computer but the thing is that I need someone who can help fund the purchase of the site builder so I can build my own site.

The overall purpose of my Web business will be to earn money - of course but the underlying reason will be so I can teach others how to become successful affilliate marketers.

If you decide to help me purchase the program needed to build my site, I will let you know what Web site address I register and you will be able to watch my site's progress on a day by day basis.

Feel free to contact me with a Private Message if you want to help out...!

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 in response to JoyJean...   

affiliate marketing is BOGUS. I honestly can't believe people buy into that nonsense... Sure there may be money to be made, but it's not 'your' company if it's affiliated... You are selling someone elses product, or refer someone to someone elses product. ITS CALLED A SCAM. Why not try being creative and start a real business... This country was supposed to be about diversity and competition. These "affiliate marketing pros" (as they call themselves) are just puppets for someone making a much bigger dollar off of your efforts.


Don't buy into anything promising to make you rich.


Richness is in life, but first one must find it. 


cheers ;-)

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Very Positive GREAT!!!!  Just fantastic anything is posible ~hugs~ to you!!

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Mike, Good luck and don't give up. I did exactly what you are trying to do. I had to give a little peice of my business to those that helped me along the way.  Go to my website and see what I built with no capital like you.  E-mail me at and I can possibly help you.  Sincerely, Nancy McGuire

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God Bless You!

Doing something that you are passionate about and helping others is what it is all about!



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 in response to Jesse Evans...   

whooohooo to you!!! awesome!!!! GOD bless

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Jesse Evans

Hey Mike, this is a personal OPINION and take it as you wish, I was in the same rut 5 years ago, this is what I did, I could not find employment in anything I WANTED to do, so I started a buisiness doing what I like, It took (still does) hard work and a lot of my free time, But now after 5 years MY COMPANY is showing a 6 figure profit and I am able to put 2 children thru Baylor, Some peopele may say yeah but it took 5 years, Just think what are you going to be doing in 5 years. Working in a store or doing something you dont like to do? WHen I started this MY outlook was JUST DO IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, so I got off my ass and quit drinking to drown the sorrow and now I can say I am doing it MY WAY. Good Luck to you

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 Don't just find a job find something you like to do.  Have you researched affiliate products on the net?

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